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Film Promotions - Print & Digital

Unleashing film magic with tailored campaigns. Elevate your story, captivate audiences, and conquer the box office.

Celebrity Endorsements

Harness star power to elevate your brand. Our celebrity endorsements ignite consumer enthusiasm, driving unparalleled success.

Political Campaign & Events

Navigating political landscapes, we orchestrate winning campaigns and impactful events for candidates seeking to lead effectively.

Social Media Management

Driving online success, we manage social media, engaging audiences, and enhancing brand visibility strategically. Empowering digital presence.

Branding & Rebranding Process

Crafting authentic brand identities and reimagining businesses with rebranding expertise, leaving lasting impressions for success. Empowering brand transformations.

Shoot & Model management

Efficiently coordinating shoots, we excel in model management, ensuring seamless productions and stunning results. Empowering visual excellence.


Designing intuitive websites, we create captivating online experiences, blending functionality and aesthetics for digital success. Empowering online presence.

Paid Media Ads

Driving growth through targeted paid media ads, we maximize ROI, reaching the right audience effectively. Empowering advertising success.

Personal branding

Cultivating authentic personas, we craft personal branding strategies that empower individuals to shine brilliantly. Elevating unique identities.


Tune in for magic! Action Cut Entertainments's FM radio promotions spark excitement and bring stories to life.


Experience excellence on screen. Our TV promotions captivate, inspire, and elevate brands to new heights.

All kinds of Outdoor Campaigns and Promotions

Beyond walls, we craft dynamic outdoor campaigns and events promotions, connecting brands with audiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Action Cut Entertainments specializes in marketing and promoting films to ensure maximum visibility and audience engagement

The duration of a film promotion campaign depends on several factors, such as the film’s release date, its genre, and the promotional objectives. Campaigns can range from a few weeks to several months leading up to the film’s release.

The requirements may vary from company to company. However, we are open to collaborations with filmmakers from different genres and backgrounds. They might request details about the film, its target audience, and the promotional goals to tailor their services accordingly.

The cost of hiring Action Cut Entertainments varies based on the scope of services required, the film’s budget, and the level of promotional activity needed. 

We provide best solutions

Choosing Action Cut Entertainments means embarking on a collaborative journey towards cinematic excellence, where your film’s success becomes our top priority. Let us empower your film to shine brightly on the world stage.

Proven Success

Our track record showcases numerous successful film promotions, boosting visibility and box office success.

Tailored Strategies

We craft personalized promotion plans, understanding your film's unique qualities and target audience.

Creative Brilliance

Our team brings innovative and captivating ideas to the table, setting your film apart from the crowd.

Client Satisfaction

Our satisfied clients vouch for our dedication and commitment to achieving their goals.

We share your passion for storytelling, working tirelessly to bring your cinematic dreams to life.


Suraj Production

Suraj Productions

I am very happy with the final result and has already talked about completing further projects with Action Cut Entertainments in the future. They are a very approachable company who delivered a highly professional work.

Ramesh Reddy, Founder

Infosys Foundation Logo

Infosys Foundation

The team understands and develops briefs and requirements adding insight and creativity at all points .

Infosys Foundation

Crystal Park Cinemas Logo

Crystal Paark Cinemas

Action Cut Entertainments really take on board what you want to achieve. Based on the final outcome of their work, the quality, and ease of working with them, I would certainly recommend!

T R Chandrashekhar, Founder

KVN Productions Logo

KVN Productions

The energy and expertise Action Cut Entertainments brings are truly outstanding. They understand the pulse of our audience and deliver content that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Venkat K Narayana, Founder

Sandesh Production Logo

Sandesh Productions

Action Cut Entertainments took the time to understand our film’s unique qualities and created a tailored campaign that generated buzz and interest beyond our imagination.

Sandesh Nagraj, Founder

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