A Kannada film that deserves to be seen on the big screen

The lead actor of the film is Shivarajkumar, while Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Satyaprakash, Prashanth Narayan, Dattanna, Abhijit, and Srini are part of the supporting cast. Srini directed the film.

The film has been praised for its stylish action sequences, Shivarajkumar’s performance, and Arjun Janya’s background score. However, some critics have found the plot to be predictable and over-the-top.

Overall, Ghost is a fun and entertaining film that is sure to appeal to fans of the heist thriller genre. It is also a great showcase for Shivarajkumar’s versatility as an actor.

The film also features a young Shivarajkumar look, which is used to show the character’s backstory. The young Shivarajkumar looks strikingly similar to the actor in his younger days, and this helps to create a sense of nostalgia for the audience.

The young Shivarajkumar look is also used to show the character’s transformation from an innocent young man to a hardened criminal. The contrast between the young and old Shivarajkumar looks stark, and it helps to highlight the character’s journey.

Overall, Shivarajkumar’s performance in Ghost is one of his best to date. He is able to bring out the many different shades of his character with ease and conviction. The usage of the young Shivarajkumar look is also a clever way to show the character’s backstory and transformation.

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